10th Class Social Science Consumer Rights

  • question_answer 1) Mrs Krishna bought a Colour Television (CTV) against six months warranty. The CTV stopped working after three months. When she complained to the dealer/shop where it was purchased, they sent an engineer to set it right. The CTV continues to give trouble and Mrs Krishna no longer gets any reply to the complaint she made to the dealer/shop. She decides to write to the Consumer Forum in her area. Write a letter on her behalf. You may discuss with your partner/group members before you write it.  


    The format of the letter will be as given below   House No. 568, Sector 28, NOIDA-201303 25 August, 2012   To The Chairman, Consumer Forum, NOIDA (UP)   Sub: Defective Colour TV not set right despite repeated complaints   Sir, I wish to bring to your notice the following facts, for which you are requested to guide me on further action to be taken in this regard    1. I have purchased a 'Standard' make of Colour TV from their dealer M/s Gujral Entertainment with their shop at H-45, Sector 18, NOIDA - 201301 vide their Cash Memo no. GE/134 dated 15 April, 2012. The TV was guaranteed for six months against manufacturing defects, as informed by the dealer.   2. The TV became defective (it went dead) on 17 July, 2012. The dealer sent a service engineer to repair it, but it again went defective after one week.   3. When I complained the second time, they did not send their engineer for repairs till date.   4. I have been complaining regularly to the dealer, but he no longer replies to the complaints.   5. I tried to contact the manufacturer, but found that their factory has closed down and that the company no longer exists.   I am now saddled with a defective colour TV set and the dealer is neither replacing it nor repairing it. You are requested to kindly guide me on the next course of action. Sincerely yours,   Sd/- (Mrs Krishna)      

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