12th Class Biology Molecular basis of inheritance

  • question_answer 70)   Now, sequencing of total genomes is getting less expensive day by day. Soon it may be affordable for a common man to get his genome sequenced. What in your opinion could be the advantage and disadvantage of this development?


                      Human genome helps to find out the complete genome sequence of the human. It has many advantages and disadvantages. Some important advantages It provides the knowledge of the effects of variations of DNA among individuals can revolutionize the ways to diagnose, treat and prevent many diseases that affect humans.It also provides clues to the understanding of human biology. It helps to find out the human evolution. Identification through DNA forensics is also possible. Some important disadvantages People might discover and untreatable genetic disease. People may abuse the knowledge obtained from the HGP. Problem can occur for the ownership of the genetic test result and the patenting of human genes and DNA. People believe that they are special and unique in their own ways and may wish to remain like that.

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