6th Class English The Banyan Tree

  • question_answer 11)  'My favourite Place' Read again the paragraphs of the story in which the author describes the banyan tree, and what he used to do there. Is there a place in your house, or in your grandparents' or uncles' or aunts' houses, that you specially like? Write a short paragraph about it, saying • where it is • what you do there • why you like it You may instead write about a place you dislike, or are afraid of. 


    My grandparents live in a village. There is a big compound in front of the house. The compound is full of many tall and short trees. Of all these, I like the mango tree. Perhaps therefore I am very crazy to visit my village in every summer break. As soon as I reach the village I run to the compound and climb the mango tree. There I sit for hours among the branches of the tree. I pluck raw mangoes and throw on the ground. My grand father tell me not to do but I don't listen to him and continue doing my work. Sometimes I get one or two ripe mangoes which I eat with relish.   

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