6th Class Social Science Vital Villages, Thriving Towns

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    Make a list of all the women who could be employed by the superintendent.


    Arthashastra mentions the rules for spinning and weaving. It describes how this process can be carried out under the supervision of a special official. The rules were: "Widows, young women who are differently abled, nuns, mothers of courtesans, retired women servants of the king, women who have retired from service in temples, may be used for processing wool, bark, cotton, hemp and flax. They should be paid according to the quality and quantity of work. Women who are not permitted to leave their homes can send maid-servants to bring the raw material from the superintendent, and take the finished work back to him. Women who can visit the workshop should go at dawn to give their work and receive their wages. There should be enough light to examine the work.  

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