7th Class Science Physical and Chemical Changes

  • question_answer 5) State whether the following statements are true or false. In case a statement is false, write the correct statement in your notebook. (a) Cutting a log of wood into pieces is a chemical change.                   (True/False) (b) Formation of manure from leaves is a physical change.                    (True/False) (c) Iron pipes coated with zinc do not get rusted easily.                           (True/False) (d) Iron and rust are the same substances.                                                 (True/False) (e) Condensation of steam is not a chemical change.                             (True/False)  


    (a) False, cutting a log of wood into pieces is a physical change. (b) False, formation of manure from leaves is a chemical change. (c) True (d) False, iron and rust are two different chemical substances. (e) True

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