8th Class English Tsunami - The Killer Sea Waves

  • question_answer 18) The story shows how a little girl saved the lives of many tourists when a tsunami struck the beach, thanks to the geography lesson that she learnt very well at school. She remembered the visuals about tsunami and warned her parents. Do you remember any incident when something that you learnt . in the classroom helped you in some way outside the classroom? Write your experienced in a paragraph of about 90-100 words or narrate it to the whole class like an anecdote.  


    Today I am happy and proud to say that I could save my family in that of many tourists. I am thankful to my geography teacher. She had taught me in class about tsunami and such other disasters through visuals. She  also taught us the precautionary measures for safety. I applied it. In class it was a fun to see the video. But at the time of tsunami. It became the need of life.  

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