8th Class English Tsunami - The Killer Sea Waves

  • question_answer 20)  Mention the following  (i) Two examples of absurd social practices. (ii) Two oppressive policies of the British. (iii) Two ways in which common people suffered. (iv) Four reasons for the discontent that led to the 1857 war of independence.   


    (i) (a) Untouchability,      (b) Child marriage. (ii) (a) Imposition of heavy taxes on Indian goods.       (b) To put the Indian in jail without trial in court.   (iii) (a) Indian industries were ruined with the exporting of British machine made goods.        (b) The Indian farmers had to abandon their land due to heavy taxes.   (iv) (a) The Indian people became puppets in the hands of British.        (b) Indian industries and artisans were completely ruined.        (c) Disparity between the British and Indian officials.        (d) The use of cartridges made of fat of cows and pigs.   

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