9th Class Social Science Forest Society & Colonialism

  • question_answer 3) Have there been changes in forest areas where you live? Find out what these changes are and why they have happened.


    There can be a variety of answers. A sample answer is given below There have been a number of changes in forest areas in India since independence and some which have occurred in my district are as follows    (i) Entry to forest area is restricted and the Forest Department has posted guards to check any illegal entry.   (ii) Although, the number of trees in the forest has increased, reduction of rainfall in recent years has stunted the growth of trees.   (iii) The Adivasi villagers living inside the forest areas are gradually leaving their traditional occupations and migrating to the towns for education and jobs.   (iv) A number of wild animals like tigers and elephants are sometimes seen on the edges of the forest, but they do not venture out for fear of being killed by human beings. Earlier the tigers used to come into the nearby villages and take away animals and small children at night.  

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