9th Class Social Science Forest Society & Colonialism

  • question_answer 4) Write a dialogue between a colonial forester and an Adivasi discussing the issue of hunting in the forest.


    A sample dialogue is given below —   Colonial Forester (CF): Who are you? What are you doing inside the forest at this time?   Adivasi (A): I am a villager living in XYZ village on the south edge of this forest. I have come to hunt some animals for feeding my family.   CF : Don't you know that we have banned the hunting of animals in the forest? Go away you cannot be allowed to hunt animals. It is illegal.   A : I need the flesh of the animal so that my wife can cook the food. I regularly hunt for animals and nobody has stopped me before.   CF : No, you will not be allowed to do this. Only Britishers are allowed to hunt animals. Go back to your village. Otherwise, I will have you arrested.   A : Okay, if you say so, I will go. But I will return.  

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