9th Class Social Science Working of Institutions

  • question_answer 2) (i) Which points, other than the ones mentioned above, do you recall about these institutions from the previous class? Discuss in class.   (ii) Can you think of a major decision made by your State Government? How were the Governor, the Council of Ministers, the State Assembly and the courts involved in that decision?  


    (i) The institutions mentioned are the President of India, the Prime Minister of India and the Parliament. Besides the points mentioned, they have many other functions. Refer to the previous chapters and the Indian Constitution for the functions of these three institutions. (ii) An example of a major decision is given here. There have been many others. A major decision taken by the Uttar Pradesh State Government in 2008 was not to allow the Reliance Group to open their retail shops selling vegetables and fruits in the state, as it would harm the interests of the small traders selling these items. This order was approved by the Council of Ministers and the order was promulgated by the Governor. Since it did not involve finances, it was not raised in the State Assembly. The courts were in no way involved, as it did not have any Constitutional implications.  

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