9th Class Social Science Working of Institutions

  • question_answer 25) Why is the Prime Minister in India not directly elected by the people?   (a) In a Parliamentary democracy only the leader of the majority party in the Lok Sabha can become the Prime Minister.   (b) Lok Sabha can remove the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers even before the expiry of their term.   (c) Since the Prime Minister is appointed by the President there is no need for it.   (d) Direct election of the Prime Minister will involve lot of expenditure on election.  


    The most appropriate answer is option (a). The Prime Minister should be a person who has the support of the majority of the members so that he has no difficulty in implementing his policies and passing of laws in Parliament. Secondly, since he is the leader of the majority party, he cannot act and take decisions all by himself or become a dictator.

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