6th Class Mathematics Basic Geometrical Ideas

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    Use the figure to name (a) five points (b) a line (c) four rays (d) five line segments.


    From the given figure, (a) Five points are B, C, D, E and O. (b) A line is \[\overset{\leftrightarrow }{\mathop{BD}}\,\](or\[\overset{\leftrightarrow }{\mathop{OB}}\,\]). (c) Four rays are \[\overset{\to }{\mathop{OB,}}\,\overset{\to }{\mathop{OC,}}\,\overset{\to }{\mathop{OE,}}\,\] and \[\overset{\to }{\mathop{OD.}}\,\] (d) Five line segments in the given figure are \[\overline{OB},\overline{OC},\overline{OE},\overline{OD}\] and \[\overline{DE}.\] Note Two points are enough to fix a line. Hence, we can say that two points determine a line.

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