6th Class Mathematics Basic Geometrical Ideas

  • question_answer 16) (a) Identify three triangles in the figure. (b) Write the names of seven angles. (c) Write the names of six line segments. (d) Which two triangles have \[\angle B\]as common?


    (a) We know that, a triangle is a three sided polygon. So, three triangles in the given figure are as follows: (i) \[\Delta ABD\] (ii) \[\Delta ADC\] (iii) \[\Delta ABC\] (b) An angle is made up of two rays starting from a common end point here the names of seven angles are as follows: (i) \[\angle BAD\] (ii) \[\angle BAC\] (iii) \[\angle CAD\] (iv) \[\angle ABD\] (v) \[\angle ACD\] (vi) \[\angle ADC\] (vii) \[\angle ADB.\] (c) The names of six line segments are as follow : (i) AB (ii) BD (iii) DC (iv) CA (v) AD (vi) BC (d) From the given figure, it is clear that \[\angle B\] is common of \[\Delta ABD\]and\[\Delta ABC.\]

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