6th Class Mathematics Basic Geometrical Ideas

  • question_answer 3) Use the figure to name (a) line containing point E. (b) line passing through A. (c) line on which O lies. (d) two pairs of intersecting lines.


    (a) Here, two lines contain point E, one of them is \[\overset{\leftrightarrow }{\mathop{AE}}\,.\] (b) Here, one line is passing through A, i.e.\[\overset{\leftrightarrow }{\mathop{AE}}\,.\] (c) Line on which O lies, is \[\overset{\leftrightarrow }{\mathop{CO}}\,\]or \[\overset{\leftrightarrow }{\mathop{CO}}\,.\] (d) There are two pairs of intersecting lines, i.e. are \[\overset{\leftrightarrow }{\mathop{CO}}\,,\overset{\leftrightarrow }{\mathop{AE}}\,\] and \[\overset{\leftrightarrow }{\mathop{AE}}\,,\]\[\overset{\leftrightarrow }{\mathop{EF}}\,.\]

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