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Working With Internet Application

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Working With Internet Application



Nothing has revolutionized modern life the way rapid progress of computer has. For better or worse computers have infiltrated every aspect of our society. Today, computers do much more than simply compute. They make airline or railway reservation and teach on-line, some super store scanners Calculate our grocery bills while keeping the store inventory computerized telephone switching has greatly improved the telephone system and automatic teller machines (ATM).


As a computers become more widespread in the workplace, new ways to harness their potential developed. As smaller computers become more powerful, they could be linked together, or network to share memory space, software and information and communication with each other.


In Education

Computer applications in education is a broad and changing term due to the breadth of the area of study and the rapid and ever ? changing naturo of technology. Computer applications includes, but are not limited to, desktop publishing and presentations, computer use in classrooms, telecommunications and distance education, computer hardware and software, networking, tab administration, multimedia presentations and publishing.


v  Online Education: Many web sites provide online education. You can read or download educational material and books.

v  Research: Computers are also used for research work. Internet is a huge source of information on any topic.

v  Preparing time - table: Computers help in preparing time - tables, schedules etc.

v  Tutorial and dialogue: Computer can play effectively the role of the tutor. It helps the teachers in engaging students in tutorial work:

v  Maintenance of progress cards: Computers maintain progress cards and preserve them efficiently and confidentially.

v  Computers are being used to perform many tasks in educational institutions, easily and quickly.


·         Keeping Records of students.

·         Storing Records of employees of school/college.

·         Managing Accounts of the institution.

·         Fee collection' and maintains of fees records.

·         Circulation of instruction / notices and getting it in printed form.

·         Preparation of school / college magazine etc.





In Healthcare

The use of information and communication technologies has become widespread in the health care sector. Computer plays very important role in medical science. Today, more and more members of the medical profession are embracing social media for sharing helpful medical information and providing patient care.


Computers can be used to perform research in the health sector. Research studies can be done on a computer. Studying certain types of cells, micro-organisms, body functions, etc. are done through computer.



In clinical implication, computers are used for:


v  Assessment

v  Patient monitoring

v  Documentation

v  Telemedicine

v  Electronic Medical Report (EMR)


The use of computers in assessment helps in gathering and storing data about the patient. Computers are used in settings such as emergency, intensive care, ICCU and the NICU for vital sign monitoring, calculations of cardiac output. And even pulmonary artery pressure.


Web conferencing can be used to guide new trainee doctors. Doctors are able to freely communicate across the world using computer based programs and internet access. Computers are used in many of the diagnostic tests that take place within the hospital.


In the category of administration, nursing administrations use computers to define the cost of nursing services. Programs such as excel and quick books allow hospitals to calculate the total cost of the services they are providing.


In research, we can use computers for:


v  Preparation of a research document.

v  Data gathering

v  Computer assisted instruction tutorials.


In Governance

Computer uses in government office also include various e-mail functions, payment distribution, record keeping and even coordinating mailings. Government offices that have computers usually have some type of email system in place. E-mail enable government workers to compose, send or read emails from other workers and people. Outside the company.


Government offices also keep records of dates, such as when people file taxes and amounts that are due and paid.

Internet facilitates the sharing of information or ideas with different nations. The internet helps to bridge the gap between the government and the citizens of the nation.

Internet and Communication Technology enriched Governance and ensures all the eight main characteristics: accountability, transparency, responsibility, equitability, efficiency, effectivily, citizen oriented and follows the rule of law.


E-commerce mainly involves around three sectors:



G2C - Government to citizens

Government services for citizens


G2B - Government to Business

Government services for business, NGO's and civil society.


G2G - Government to Government

Government services for other government departments.


In Marketing or Business

Marketing is an organizational function and a set of process of creating, communicating and delivering values to customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.


Applications in different areas of Business:


v  Human Resource Management

v  Sales management

v  Marketing management

v  Inventory or stock management

v  Financial Management


The users can buy, sell and exchange products or services via computer network. There are many applications of e-commerce such as home banking, shopping in electronic malls, buying stocks, finding a job, conducting an auction, collaborating electronically with business partners around the globe, marketing & advertising and providing customer service. The following services of e-commerce are used most frequently.


a) Electronic Mail (E-mail): The E-mail is a service that transports text messages from a sender to one or more receivers via computer. Voice mail systems capture, store and transmit spoken messages.


b) Video conferencing: Video conferencing is a type of conference in which video cameras and microphones capture sight and sound transmission over networks. It is a advance form of teleconferencing. Video conferencing should provide a complete simulation of a normal meeting environment, enabling both parties to see, hear and present material, just as if they were in the same room.


c) Electronic-Shopping (E-Shopping): The shopping conducted through Internet is known as electronic shopping or e-shopping.


In Transport System

With internet on computers we can know the details of the buses or trains or the flight available to our desired destination. The timing and event the updates on the delay can also be known through these computers. We can book our tickets through online.


In Defense

Computers are the main tool which help in developing missiles and other equipment in the defense system. Designing and maintenance are possible only through computers. Construction of weapons and controlling their function is not possible without the aid of computers.


In Financial Institutions

Computers are being used by the financial institutions like banks for different purposes. The foremost important thing. Is to store information about different account holders in a database to be available at any time. 


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