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Web Server

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*   Web Server



A Web server runs a computer application, which is responsible for accepting HTTP requests from clients or Web browser. It also processes the requests send by the client and then sends the HTTP response back to the client.  


* Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

HTTP is a protocol that allows transfers the information on the World Wide Web between clients and servers. The main purpose of the HTTP is publishing and retrieving of the Web pages. The latest version of HTTP is HTTP/1.1.  




*  Hyperlink

Hyperlink allows linking another place in the same document or another document. It also allows to link with World Wide Web. A user just needs to click on hyperlink to go for relevant destination.  


* Hypertext

Hypertext is a kind of text that contains the reference of other text that exists in the same or other electronic document or the World Wide Web. A reader can immediately access the relevant information by just clicking or pressing key on hypertext.

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