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Creating a Database

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*   Creating a Database



Microsoft Access is a data base management system that provides GUI environment : 3 manipulate data easily. MS Access gives best compatibility with Windows operating system. Using Access you can enter, sort and retrieve data, extract subsets of data based on specific criteria, create user-friendly forms and customized reports. To start the MS Access:

Select start Programs  Microsoft Office  Microsoft Office Access 2003 to open MS Access 2003.

Before creating a table you need to create a database file. A data base file contains all the database objects, such as the tables, forms and reports.  



* MS Access enables the following ways to create a new database:

  • Creating a blank database
  • Creating a new database from a template  



* Creating a Blank Database

It is a very straightforward technique.  


* To create a blank database: 

  • Click Blank database link in the New File task pane on the right side of the window. And create the database with the name databasel.mdb.
  • Click Create, the new database window appears in the Access workspace.  


* Creating a Database from a Template

MS Access enables several types of template, such as asset tracking, contact management, inventory control and other database types.  


* To create a database from a template: 

  • Select File  New. In the Templates area of the New File task pane, click My Computer link to open the Templates dialog box.
  • You can click Databases tab to view more database templates. Select the database template that you want to use.
  • Click OK to open File New Database dialog box. Basically it specifies a location for the database.
  • Type the name for the database and click Create.
  • A new database file is created, and then the Database Wizard associated with the template starts.
  • Click Next to open the list of tables in the database.
  • Select a table and style for screen displays and then click Next.
  • Type the title of the database in the text box provided. You can also include a picture for your reports.
  • Click Next to continue. Click Finish to create the database from the template.

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