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Introduction to HTML

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*  Introduction to HTML 



HTML language is developed by Tim Berner-Lee at CERN (Consiel European pour la Research Nuclear) to enable permit the researchers to share their research papers with the help of the Internet. Generally all the browsers are supporting HTML but basically the HTML was used by Mosaic Browser. The HTML 1.0 is the first version of HTML, whereas continuous growth of Web extended HTML growth in several other ways. World Wide Web (W3C) is the organization which did not specify the first version of HTML. This organization maintains the language and keeps involving it in proper direction. Latest version of HTML is HTML 4.01 which is in general use and is the sub version of HTML4.0. The errors which are occurring in HTML4.0 have been fixed in this version.

The whole HTML document comes under the <html>tag which is used as a container. The entire content of the HTML page comes under the opening and closing of the <html>tags. This <html>tag indicates the browser this is the starting of the document and the closing </html>tag indicates that it's the ending of an HTML document.







The following is the syntax:



Contents mentioned in the page



For the heading of the HTML document the tag which is used is<head>tag. The information contains some certain headings regarding documents that come under this. There are only few tags which are valid under the heading section. These are the following:

<link>tag : Defines reference for the resource.

<base>tag : Defines a base URL for all the links present on a page.

<meta>tag : Defines the Meta- Information such as keyword and descriptions for search engines and refresh rates about the page.

<script>tag: The HTML page uses the script which is defined by this tag.

<style>tag: Defines the internal style sheet for the HTML page.

The contents o the HTML document describe under the <body>tag. The contents of a web page whatever are they defined between the opening and closing of the <body>tag, it may be a text, audio, video and images all comes under this tag.



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