10th Class Computers Science Working with HTML Introduction to WWW

Introduction to WWW

Category : 10th Class

*  Introduction to WWW


The World Wide Web (WWW) was created by Tim Berner-Lee and Robert Cailliau in 1989. A user can be connected to the Web using either a dial up connection or a broadband.  



* The Web provides the following advantages: 

  • Easily modification and update.
  • 24 hours, seven days operation.
  • Attractive GUI that helps to engage use.
  • Direct product ordering
  • Search engines deliver clients.
  • Provides Linking to other pages.
  • Rapid development of new product, service and organization information.

There are number of HTML editors available for creating Web pages. Some of these are:  



* Netscape Composer

It is an editor, which comes with the Netscape Communicator or WYSIWYG.


* Microsoft Front page

It is also an editor contained in a powerful package, which directly integrates with the Web site.


* Adobe Page Mill

It is used to automate the whole process of site design and implementation.


* Claris Home Page

It is an editor with WYSIWYG for beginners with some additional tools.  

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