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*         Infinitives


The Infinitive is formed by adding 'to', expressed or understood, before the verb. Infinitive is a form of 'non-finite verb' which is used with 'to' or without 'to'.  



He came to play. (Infinitive with 'to') Learn to read. (Infinitive with 'to')  


*            Uses of Infinitive  

1.    Infinitive is used for the following purpose:  

(A) As a Subject.  



To walk in the morning is a good exercise. (Subject)  

(B) As an Object.  



Everybody likes to enjoy. (Object)  

(C) As a complement of the Verb.  



She is to leave. (Complement)  

(D) To tell any purpose or cause.  



(i)   Sumit called his brother to live with him. (purpose)

(ii)  The father started weeping to see his son dead. (cause)  

2.    Object + To +  is used after ask, advice, allow, command, force, forbid, invite, encourage, compel, beg, order, imagine, instruct, permit, persuade, tell, require, remind, teach, etc.  



(i)   The teacher advised me to complete the sum at once. ( of advise Object to )

(ii) The lady compelled you to pay all her debts. ( of compel Object to )  

3.    Object + To +  or simply, To +  is used after like, want, wish, promise, etc.  



(i)   I want everyone to listen to this music. (want Object to )

(ii)  I want to leave now. (want to )  

4.    Infinitive is used directly after certain Verbs like - appear, seem, attempt, try, Endeavour, begin, decide, desire, remember, forget, stop, fail, happen, hurry, refuse, promise, prove, etc.  



(i)   The labourers refused to work for the builder. ( of 'refuse' to )

(ii)  Shyam failed to pass the driving test. ( of 'fail' to )  

5.    Infinitive is used by adding 'know' after - how, where, when, why.  



(i)   I know how to write a précis. (how Infinitive)

(ii)  They know where / why / when to send the parcel. (Infinitive)  

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