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Introduction: Writing, communicating information or warning, that is serving notice is notice writing.

In simple words, a notice means written or printed news or some useful Information to be conveyed to the general public, group of persons or students about a specific programme. A notice can refer to an event that has happened or about to happen in the near future. A well written notice shows a student's skill of organization and presentation of matter as well as language accuracy.


*            Characteristics of an effective notice

  • There are four important characteristics of a good notice:
  • Notice should be complete in all respects as like:
  • Who is giving the information
  • For whom the information is meant
  • What is the information
  • What is the action, if any, is to be taken
  • The date on which the notice is being issued.
  • Notice should be specific and concise, that is, it carries only relevant details in brief.
  • The language should be kept as simple as possible so that there is no possibility of a misunderstanding in the reader's mind.
  • A notice is a formal piece of writing but care should be taken to avoid a harsh tone.




1.    Your school is holding a cultural Fiesta for collecting funds for the Bihar flood victims. Draft a notice for your school notice board giving details of the programme and donations to be made.

27thAugust, 2011


Invitation to All !

This is for all concerned that a cultural Fiesta is being organized at the school auditorium for the purpose of fund raising for the Bihar flood victims on 17thSeptember, 2011 (Saturday). The event is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. The main attraction of the function will be staging of Shakespeare's play 'Hamlet' by the students of class IX and X and Odyssey dance by one of the renowned troupes from Karnataka, besides other attractions.

All the students are therefore requested to buy their entry coupons, available at the school library between 12 and 2 p.m. on all weekdays except Saturdays. The students are free to call their parents to attend the Fiesta, if they wish to. Your valued presence would help to make the Fiesta a grand success as well as meet the purpose for the sake of relief of the flood victims. For further details contact the undersigned.

Mahua Paul

Students' Secretary,

Ramjas School


2.    You are the Sports Secretary of St. Columbus School. Your school has decided to host the Regional Level Basket Ball Tournament. Draft a notice for your school Notice Board inviting all the school children to attend the Tournament and cheer the participants.

12th September, 2011


Regional Level Basket Ball Tournament

It is a matter of great pride that our school has decided to host the Regional Level Basket Ball Tournament from September 25-30, 2011. All the students are therefore requested to remain present during the Tournament to cheer the participants thereby making the event a grand success. The venues for the Tournament have been short-listed and are due to be finalized, which will be let known to you in a day or two. If there be any query, please feel free to contact me.

Ashish Mehra

Sports Secretary              

St. Columbus School


3.    You are the President of the Students' Council of St. Francis School. On behalf the school, you have invited a visiting Russian Ballet Troupe to give a performance in your school on the occasion of its Golden Jubilee celebrations. Write a notice in informing the students about this event.

8thSeptember, 2011


Golden Jubilee Celebration

This is to inform you that our school is going to celebrate its Golden Jubilee this year. It is a matter of pride for all of us. To mark the event, our school has proposed to organize a celebration at the school auditorium on 17 September,


You would be amazed to know that a visiting Russian Ballet Troupe has been invited to show their performance at the celebration. The Hon' ble Mayor of Delhi has also consented to remain present on the occasion. All of you are cordially requested to make your presence on the celebration day. The entry is free. However, you need to take your seat before the celebration begins, which is scheduled at 5 p.m.

Balram Tijori

President, Students' Council

St. Francis School


4.    A departmental store has decided to extend its 50% discount off sale until 2nd October, 2011. Write a notice, to be displayed on the lobby of the store, stating the extension of the discount sale. Suppose yourself as the manager of the store.

25th October, 2011 


Hurry! Discount Sale Extended!

Attention One! Attention All!

We take the pleasure to inform all the customers that our store has decided to extend the ongoing 50% off discount sale for more two days until l"6 October, 2011. Although the sale was for a fortnight (15-30 September, 2011), but considering the crowd as well as customers' plea, two days more have been extended. We welcome you all in this grand shopping carnival.


XYZ Departmental Store


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