10th Class Mental Ability Analogy 372 Analogy and Classification

Analogy and Classification

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In such type of problems, generally we are given two pairs of figures, out of them one figure is missing. This missing figure has to be identified from amongst the four options. The figures in the complete pairs have a relationship between themselves. The same relationship has to be established by choosing an appropriate figure to complete the incomplete pair.            

The complete pair may have any of the following relationships:                          

1.     One is the mirror/water image of the other one.

2.     One is the reduced/enlarged size of the other one.

3.     One is rotated through an angle to form the other one.

4.     Elements of one figure can be changed to form the elements of the other figure.



In this type of problems, generally we are given a set of four figures out of which three are alike in some manner. We have to select the one that is different, which is called an odd figure.

This odd figure has to be chosen out from amongst the four option figures.

To choose the odd figure, a student needs to detect a rule/manner obeying that the figures in the set have been arranged.






1.         Pair of figures on left side of : : have a relationship-between them.

             Establish the same relationship in the pair of figures on right side of::.

             Choose an appropriate figure to replace the mark"?".


             (a)                  (b)

              (c)                  (d)  


Explanation (a):

First figure of the pair converted into three similar figures but reduced in size.

These three figures from left to right are shaded, contains slanting lines and unshaded respectively.

All these features are followed by figure in option (a).



2.         Choose odd one out.

           (a)                  (b)

            (c)                   (d)


Explanation (a):


Except in figure (a), arrows in each other figure are in opposite directions.

So, the correct option is (a).


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