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'Analogy' means similarity of the same features of two pairs of things/objects/numbers/ words.

In such type of problems, the members of one pair already have a relationship between each other. A student is required to establish the same relationship between the two members of another pair. To do so, the first priority is to identify the relationship between those members that already have relationship.

There are various types of analogy. Here, we will consider only the following three types of analogy:

1.  Number Analogy

2.  Alphabet Analogy

3.  Number-Alphabet Analogy

Let us illustrate you with examples of each type.






1.         Identify the number pattern and complete the second pair in the same way as the first pair.

64 : 625 : : ? : 256

(a) 243                          (b) 18            

(c) 27                            (d) 35


Explanation: (c)

64 : 625 are 43 : 54

So, the second pair will be 33 : 44, i.e., \[\]: 256.

So, the correct option is (c).



2.         Which group of numbers has the same property of the members in the given below group?

            (44, 22, 11)

(a) (42, 20, 10)               (b) (46, 22, 10)     

(c) (40, 20, 10)               (d) (44, 22, 10)


Explanation: (c)

Clearly, in the given group, the first number is twice the second one and the second number is twice the third one, i.e., \[44=22\times 2\text{ }and\text{ }22=11\times 2.\]

A similar relationship exists between the numbers in the group (40, 20, 10).

So, the correct option is (a).



3.         If SATURDAY is to TBSVAERZ, then in the same way MEGHDOOT is to  ________ ?

(a) GFMIOPDU              (b) GFMPOPDU    

(c) NFMSOPDU              (d) NFMIOPDV


Explanation: (c)

We observe the given relationship as follows :

Similarly, we find

So, the correct option is (A).



4.         If \[M\otimes N\] is to \[14\times 15,\] then \[P\otimes Q\] is to .......... .

(a) \[14\times 15\]           (b) \[15\times 16\]       

(c) \[17\times 18\]           (d) \[16\times 17\]


Explanation: (c)

\[\otimes \] becomes the symbol 'x'. Letters become one more than numbers as their places in the English alphabet.



Thus, \[P\otimes Q=17\times 18.\]

So, the correct option is (c).


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