10th Class Mental Ability Series Completion Series


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The chapter Series deals us with the group of figures which forms a series by using a certain rule.

Obeying this rule, the figures depicts a change step by step.

This chapter consists of the following types of problems and to solve each type, a student first needs to identify the rule or pattern. A student may come across two types of series:

1. To choose a figure which would continue the given series of figures.

2. To choose a missing figure that is capable to establish a series.






1.         Find the figure from the options which will continue the series established by the Problem figures.


         (a)                   (b)

          (c)                   (d)


Explanation (a):

Area enclosed by black shaded region in top left circle, increases by \[45{}^\circ \] and rotates anticlockwise by \[45{}^\circ \] in each stage.

The same procedure happens for other circles.

So the correct option is (a).



2.         Choose the missing figure from the four options to substitute the question mark(?), so that a series is formed.


(a)                  (b)

(c)                   (d)


Explanation (c):

We observe that the black shade in a circle moves 2 steps anticlockwise in each step.

So, the correct option is (c).


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