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Domestic Circuit

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*         Domestic Circuit


The electric circuit which we use in our houses, is called the domestic circuit. In domestic circuit we normally use parallel connection, so that each appliance works independently and the fault at any point does not disrupt the working of other points. We use separate switches for each points and hence can operate independently.

We have normally two types of circuit, i.e. parallel and series circuit. The main disadvantage of series circuit in the house hold is that, if one electrical point’s stops working due to some defects then all the other points will also stop working. Entire points works with one switch only and it is not possible to switch off any one point separately, at any instant. Apart from this all the points do not get same voltage of the power supply. The overall resistance of the circuit also increases. As a result power supply from the mains decreases.


In domestic circuit, we normally use parallel connection because of its advantages. The main advantages of parallel connections is that in parallel connection each electrical appliance work independently. Defect in any switch does not disrupt the working of other switches. Each appliances gets same 220 V as that of the power supply. The overall resistance of the household circuit is reduced due to which the current from the power supply is high. In this circuit, each appliances gets the required amount of current for their operation.

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