10th Class Science Magnetic Effects of Electric Current Electromagnet


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*         Electromagnet


Electromagnet is the magnet which is produced by passing electric current through the magnetic material. It consists of long coil of insulated copper wire wound on a soft iron core. The core of the electromagnet is a soft iron core, which gets strongly magnetized when the electric current is passed through it and easily get demagnetized if the current is switched off. But if other material is used for this purpose, it will not loose its magnetism instantly when we switch off the electric current. There are some factors which affects the strength of the electromagnet.


The factors are:

  • The number of turns in the coil. If we increase the number of turns in the coil, the strength of the electromagnet also increases.
  • The strength of current flowing through the wire. If we increase the current in the coil the strength of the coil increases.
  • The length of air gap between its ends. If we reduce the length of air gap between the ends of the coil the strength increases.


The electromagnet are the temporary magnet which loses its magnetismwhen the electric current is switched off.

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