10th Class Science Management of Natural Resources

Management of Natural Resources

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 Management of Natural Resources


  • Conservation of environment is very essential for the survival of human race. The resources should be managed in such a way that it may give maximum benefits to the present generation while maintaining its potential to meet the requirements of the future generation.


  • Growing population, agriculture, industrialisation and urbanization have led to the exploitation and the consequent depletion of natural resources.


  • When left undisturbed nature replinishes its resources by recycling. Over exploitation of environment depletes natural resources and disturbs the recycling process.


  • Natural habitats of plants and animals have been replaced by industries, roads, cities and big towns. Big dams have been constructed in order to generate more electricity for the industries. Water bodies have either dried or been polluted. So we can conclude that development has taken place at the cost of environmental degradation.


  • Human activities like washing clothes, immersion of ashes or unburnt corpses, industrial wastage and dumping of untreated sewage into the rivers cause water pollution.


  • Sustainable development implies a change in all aspects of life. It encourages forms of growth that meet current basic needs.


  • The three R's to save the environment ar reduce, recycle and reuse.


  • Industrial development, increase in population, and to fulfill the fuel needs and timber requirements, over grazing and mining are responsible for deforestation.


  • Replenishment of forests ought to be the first priority. They restore ecological balance of all ecosystems and maintain biological diversity.




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