10th Class Science Metals and Non-metals Metals


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*       Introduction


Classification of metals, non-metals and metalloids. Physical and chemical properties of metals and non-metals. Extraction of metals. There are about K 118 elements known so far. All have different physical and chemical properties. These elements can be classified into metals, non-metals and metalloids on the basis of their electronic configuration.


*          Metals

There are the elements with 1,2 or 3 valence electrons. They are electropositive elements which can lose electrons and form cation e.g.

Sodium (Na-11) = 2,8,1

Calcium (Ca-20) = 2,8,2

Aluminium(AI-13) = 2,8,3

Metals are placed on left hand side of the periodic table.

Sodium loses one electron and forms \[N{{a}^{+}}\]

Magnesium loses two electrons to form \[M{{g}^{2+}}\]

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