10th Class Social Science Manufacturing Industries Manufacturing Industries - Important Terms And Concepts

Manufacturing Industries - Important Terms And Concepts

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Manufacturing Industries



Important Terms And Concepts


  1. Agro Based Industries. Industries that process agricultural raw materials, e.g. Cotton textiles.


  1. Basic Industry. Industry on which several large-scale and small-scale industries depend, e.g., Iron and steel, chemical industry.


  1. Consumer Industries. Industries which produce goods like plastics, utensils for the consumption of people.


  1. Cooperatives. Industries owned and organised by members form a cooperative society who pool their resources for profits and losses, e.g., Amul Delhi Milk Scheme.


  1. Heavy Industry. These industries use heavy raw materials to produce heavy goods like Heavy Engineering.


  1. Joint Sector Industries. Industries which are jointly owned by both the state and some private industrialists or firms, e.g., Reliance Chemicals.


  1. Large Scale Industries. Industries using extensive raw materials, labour and capital investment is more than one crore and power to produce goods on large scale.


  1. Light Industry. Industries using light raw materials to produce light goods like paper, cotton textiles.


  1. Manufacturing. An economic activity where raw materials are converted into finished goods with the help of machines.


  1. Public Sector Industries. An industry in which a state government, or its agencies, undertakes economic activities and controls means of production and distribution, e.g., BHEL.


  1. Private Sector Industries. Industries owned and run by private individuals like Tata Iron & Steel Company, Reliance Industries.


  1. Small Scale Industry. The industries employing small number of employees and a capital investment of less than rupees one crore, e.g., readymade garments.


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