10th Class Social Science Novels, Society and History Novels Society And History - Chapter Coverage

Novels Society And History - Chapter Coverage

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Novels, Society and History






·                     The Print Culture created a Possibility of a New Form in Literature?The Novels

·                     History of the Growth of Novel Writing in Europe as well as in India

·                     Factors responsible for the Growth of Novels   

·                     Reasons for Popularity

·                     The Impact of Novels on Common People, Women and Children.  

·                     Types of Novels

·                     Eminent Authors and their Works between 17th and 20th Century

·                     Domestic Novels, Historical Novels, Serialised Novels, Epistolary Novels, etc.

·                     Indian Novels Written During the Same Period

·                     Eminent Indian Authors of Various Regions

·                     Novels Written in Industrial Age as well as During the Period of Colonialism

·                     Vernacular Press

·                     Role of Novels in Literature and in the Growth of Indian Nationalism




Notes - Novels Society And History - Chapter Coverage
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