10th Class Social Science Print Culture and the Modern World Print Culture and the Modern World - Important Terms And Concepts

Print Culture and the Modern World - Important Terms And Concepts

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Print Culture and the Modern World




  1. Calligraphy: Decorative writing; Art of writing beautifully using fine pen, ink, etc.


  1. Autobiography: Story of one's own life written by the author himself or herself.


  1. Anthology: Collection of passages from literature, especially poetry and song.


  1. Mechanical Press: A press for printing which is operated by machines.


  1. Scribes: Ancient and medieval copyist of manuscripts.


  1. Manuscript: Book or document written by hand; author's original copy-handwritten or typed, not printed.


  1. Vellum: Fine parchment originally from skin of calf or other animal. Manuscript written on this.


  1. Parchment: Skin of animals like goat or sheep specially prepared for writing, painting, etc.


  1. Foliage: Leaves, Leafage.


  1. Compositors: One who sets up type for printing. The person who composes the text for printing.


  1. Ballad: Sentimental song with repeated melody; poem or song in short stanzas narrating a popular story. It can be a historical account.


  1. Tavern: Inn or public house where people gather for a drink to eat and to meet friends and exchange news.


  1. New Testament: Part of Bible concerned with teachings of Christ and his earliest followers.


  1. Protestant Reformation Movement: A movement of protest against the corrupt practices of the Catholic Church. The movement was led by Martin Luther, a German monk.


  1. Chapbooks: Cheap pocket size books available at roadside shops of books.


  1. Lithography: A process of printing from stone or metal surface so treated that the ink adheres only to the design required to be printed.


  1. Vernacular Language: Language or dialect of the country, language spoken by a particular clan or group.

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