10th Class Social Science The Rise of Nationalism in Europe The Rise of Nationalism in Europe - Important Dates And Landmarks

The Rise of Nationalism in Europe - Important Dates And Landmarks

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The Rise of Nationalism in Europe




1789                -           French Revolution.


1804                -           Napoleonic Code was introduced abolishing privileges based on birth. Upheld equality before law.


1815                -           Congress of Vienna. Representatives of Britain, Russia, Prussia and Austria met at Vienna to draw up a          settlement for Europe.


1830                -           Revolution in France.


1834                -           Zollverein or the customs union was formed in Prussia (largest state in Germany) abolishing tariff barriers.


1848                -           Great revolution in France and Formation of French republic and abdication of French monarch Louis Phillipe.


1848                -           Frankfurt Parliament in Germany was convened to set up an all-German national assembly to draft a German constitution.


1861                -           Victor Emmanuel II of Piedmont was proclaimed the king of United Italy.


1871                -           An assembly comprising princes of German states, representatives of army and Prussian ministers headed by Otto von Bismarck gathered in the Palace of Versailles to proclaim the German empire (United Germany), headed by Kaiser William I of Prussia.


1914                -           Beginning of First World War.

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