10th Class Social Science Work, Life and Leisure Work Life and Leisure - Chapter Coverage

Work Life and Leisure - Chapter Coverage

Category : 10th Class


Work, Life and Leisure: Cities in Contemporary World





  • History of Urbanisation in the Modem World
  • Process of Urbanisation-Characteristics of Modem Cities
  • Industrialisation and its Impact on the Form of Urbanisation
  • Evolution of the City of London
  • Life of Women, Children and the Urban Poor
  • Problem of Housing in Big Cities
  • Health and Sanitation
  • Transport
  • Social Change in the City
  • Role of Family in Big Cities
  • Leisure, Entertainment and Politics
  • Colonial India and its Cities
  • Life of the People in Bombay and Calcutta
  • Pattern of Work
  • Housing and Development
  • Cities in Relation to Environment
  • Development of the City of Bombay

Notes - Work Life and Leisure - Chapter Coverage
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