11th Class Biology Nature And Scope Of Biology Fathers of Various Sciences

Fathers of Various Sciences

Category : 11th Class

Father of Zoology and Biology and Founder of Embryology  :  Aristotle

Father of Botany : Theophrastus

Father of Genetics : G.J. Mendel

Father of Evolutionary ideas  : Empedocles

Father of Eugenics : Francis Galton

Father of Mutation : Hugo de Vries

Father of Modern Embryology : Karl Ernst Von Baer

Father of Palaeontology : Leonardo da vinci

Father of Taxonomy : Carolus Linnaeus

Father of Special Creation Theory : Father Saurez

Father of  Blood groups : K.Landsteiner

Father of Blood circulation  : William Harvey

Father of Comparative Anatomy : G. Cuvier

Father of Modern Genetics  : T. H. Morgan

Father of Medicine : Hippocrates

Father of Microbiology : Louis Pasteur

Father of Immunology : Edward Jenner

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