11th Class Biology Nature And Scope Of Biology Some Branches of Biology

Some Branches of Biology

Category : 11th Class

Anatomy : Study of internal structures of plants and animals after dissection. 

Biochemistry : Study of chemistry of living matter (i.e., chemical composition, nature, mode of formation, functioning) in relation to life activities.

Cytology :  Study of the structure and functions of cells and their organelles.

Ecology : Study of relationship between organisms and environment.

Embryology :  Study of developmental stages of organisms upto hatching or birth.

Endocrinology : Study of endocrine glands and hormones action in animals.

Evolution : Study of the origin of life and the gradual differentiation or descent of species.

Histology : Study of tissues by microscopy.

Immunology : Study of resistance of organisms to infection.

Limnobiology : Study of fresh water lakes, ponds and streams.

Morphology : Study of form and structure of animals.

Palaeontology : Study of fossils and their distribution in time.

Palaeozoology : Study of fossil animals.

Physiology : Study of functions of various parts within the organisms.

Psychology : Study of related areas of psychology and biology.

Radiobiology : Study of effects of radioactivity on life.

Taxonomy : Study of classification of organisms and their evolutionary relationships with other organisms.

Zoogeography : Study of the distribution of animals over the earth.

Zoopathology : Study of diseases of animals.

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