11th Class Biology Nature And Scope Of Biology Specified Branches of Biology

Specified Branches of Biology

Category : 11th Class

Acarology : Study of mites and ticks.

Actinobiology : Study of radiation effects on organisms.

Aerobiology : Study of flying organisms.

Agriology : Study of customs of primitive man.

Algology : Study of algae.

Anaesthesiology : Science for causing insensibility.

Angiology : Study of blood vascular system including veins and arteries.

Aphidology : Study of aphids (plant lice).

Araneology : Study of spiders.

Arthrology : Study of joints.

Bryology : Study of mosses and liverworts.

Carcinology : Study of crustaceans.

Carcinology : Study of malignant tissue, tumor and cancer.

Cardiology : Study of heart.

Chondriology : Study of cartilage.

Chorology : Study of the geographical distribution of organisms.

Cnidology : Study of coelenterates.

Conchology : Study of shells.

Craniology : Study of skulls.

Cryobiology : Study of effects on life at low temperature.

Ctetology : Study of acquired characters of organisms.

Dermatology : Study of body covering the skin.

Ecobiology : Study of problems of existence of life in the outer space.

Epidemiology : Study of infection of parasites or epidemic diseases.

Ethnology : Study of mankind.

Ethology : Study of behaviour of animals.

Etiology : Study of cause of disease.

Eugenics : Study of improvement of human race through laws of heredity

Euphenics : Study of improvement of human race by altering the proteins during mRNA synthesis i.e. protein synthesis process in cells. This is also called medical engineering.

Euthenics : Science of improvement of modern generation of man through better nutrition.

Exobiology : Study of possible life outside the earth.

Genecology : Study of genetical make up of species or populations in relation to their habitats.

Geology : Study of earth and life as recorded in rocks.

Gerontology : Study of growing old.

Gynaecology : Study of female reproductive organs.

Haematology : Study of blood.

Helminthology : Study of parasitic worms.

Hepatology : Study of liver.

Herpetology : Study of reptiles.

Hypnology : Study of sleep.

Ichnology : Study of fossil foot prints.

Kalology : Study of human beauty.

Karyology : Study of nucleus, particularly chromosomes.

Lepidoteriology : Study of moths and butter flies.

Leprology : Study of leprosy.

Limnology : Study of fresh water ecology and study of snails.

Malacology : Study of molluscs.

Malariology : Study of malaria.

Mammalogy : Study of mammals.

Mastology : Study of breast including teats.

Melanology : Study of pigments.

Molecular biology : Study of life sciences on molecular level (e.g, nucleic acids i.e., RNA & DNA and proteins).

Mycology : Study of fungi.

Myology : Study of muscles.

Myrmecology : Study of ants and anteaters.

Nematology : Study of nematodes.

Nephology : Study of clouds.

Neonatology : Study of newborns upto the age of two months.

Neontology : Science dealing with the life of recent organisms, just reverse to palaeontology.

Nephrology : Study of kidney.

Neurology : Study of nervous system including brain.

Nidology : Study of nests of birds.

Nosology : Study of classification of diseases.

Obstetrics : Science of midwifery.

Odonatology : Study of dragon flies and damsel flies.

Odontology : Study of teeth and gums.

Oncology : Study of tumors.

Oneirology : Study of dreams.

Ontogeny : Study of life history of organism through development.

Oology : Study of eggs of birds.

Ophiology : Study of snakes.

Ophthalmology : Study of eyes.

Organocology : Study of development of organs during embryonic period.

Organology : Study of organs.

Ornithology : Study of birds.

Osteology : Study of bones.

Otolaryngology : Study of ear and larynx.

Otorhinolaryngology : Study of ear, nose and throat (ENT).

Paediatrics : Science of medicine dealing with diseases and disorders of children.

Palaeontology : Study of fossils and their distribution.

Parasitology : Study of parasites.

Parazoology : Study of sponges.

Phenology : Study of periodic phenomena of organisms e.g. bird migration, time of flowering.

Phrenology : Study of mental faculties of brain including feeling.

Phycology : Study of algae.

Phytopathology : Study of plant diseases (their causes and symptoms).

Proctology : Study of hindgut including rectum and anus.

Protistology : Study of protists (a groups of protozoans such as Euglena, volvox etc.).

Protozoology : Study of unicellular organisms such as protozoans.

Psychiatry : Science of medical treatment of mental diseases.

Pteridology : Study of ferns.

Rhinology : Study of nose and olfactory organs.

Sarcology : Study of muscles.

Saurology : Study of lizards.

Serology : Study of serum, Study of antigen-antibody reactions.

Serpentology : Study of snakes.

Sitology : Study of regulation of diet.

Sonology : Study of hearing.

Space biology : Study of existence of life in the outer space.

Speciology : Study of species.

Splanchnology : Study of visceral organs.

Stomatology : Study of foregut including buccal cavity and stomach.

Syndesmology : Study of bony joints and ligaments.

Synecology : Study of environmental group of organisms such as communities.

Tactology : Study of structural organization of the body of organisms.

Taxidermatology : Study of skin and stuffing.

Teleology : Study of interpretations of structures in terms of purpose and utility.

Teratology : Study of monstrals and foetal malformations.

Termitology : Study of termites.

Torpedology : Study of skates and rays.

Toxicology : Study of toxic effects of drugs and harmful compounds.

Therapeutics : Science of healing.

Traumatology : Study of wounds.

Tricology : Study of hairs.

Trophology : Study of nutrition.

Urology : Study of urine and its diseases.

Venereology : Study of venereal diseases.

Virology : Study of viruses.

Zoophytology : Study of drifting organisms such as diatoms.

Zootechny : Science of breeding and domesticating animals.

Zymology : Study of fermentation.


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