11th Class Biology Neural Control and Coordination Types Of Receptors

Types Of Receptors

Category : 11th Class

(1) Exteroreceptors : Receive stimulation directly from external environment. These may be of following type

(i) Photoreceptor : Sensitive to light (Eye)                           

(ii) Thigmoreceptor : Sensitive to touch.

(iii) Tectoreceptor : Sensitive to touch.

(iv) Tangoreceptor : Sensitive to touch pressure.

(v) Phonoreceptor : Sensitive to sound (Ear).

(vi) Olfactoreceptor : Sensitive for smell (Nose).

(vii) Gustoreceptor : Sensitive to taste (Tongue).

(viii) Thermoreceptor : Sensitive to temperature.

(ix) Calo receptor : Sensitive to heat.

(x) Frigido receptor : Sensitive to cold.

(xi) Galvano receptor : Sensitive to electric current.

(xii) Rheoreceptor : Sensitive to water or air current.

(xiii) Geo receptor : Sensitive to gravity.

(xiv) Telero receptor : Sensitive to distance. (Receptors of vision, hearing and smell receive stimuli from a distance hence called teleroreceptor).

(2) Proprioceptors : Proprioceptors are located in skeletal muscles, joints, tendons etc. It is from these receptors that we know the position of our arm or leg without having to look at it.

(3) Intero receptor : These are present in internal organ. Ex. receptor for hunger, thirst, pain and balancing.

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