11th Class Biology Tools And Techniques Autoradiography


Category : 11th Class

It is a technique of studying the route of chemicals in chemical reactions taking place inside the cell and organisms with the help of radioactive isotope. e.g., \[^{14}C,{{\,}^{3}}H,{{\,}^{32}}P.\]

In this technique the radioisotopes are incorporated into the precursor molecule. Then the labelled precursor molecules introduced into the cells and their path is followed with the help of their radiations.

Radioactive precursors emit radiations and their position in the cell is located by bringing the cell in contact with a photographic plate or film.

\[^{32}P\]and \[^{14}C\] are used for the study of nucleic acids and photosynthesis (Melvin Calvin) respectively.

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