11th Class Biology Tools And Techniques Units of measurement used in microscopy

Units of measurement used in microscopy

Category : 11th Class

1 micron \[(\mu )={{10}^{-6}}\] or one millionth

1 micrometer \[(\mu m)={{10}^{-6}}m,\,\,{{10}^{-4}}cm,\,\,{{10}^{-3}}mm=1000nm\]

1 Nanometer\[(nm)={{10}^{-9}}m,\,\,{{10}^{-7}}cm,\,\,{{10}^{-6}}mm,\,\,{{10}^{-3}}\mu m=10\overset{{}^\circ }{\mathop{A}}\,\] 

1 Angstrom \[(\overset{{}^\circ }{\mathop{A}}\,)={{10}^{-10}}m,{{10}^{-8}}cm,\,{{10}^{-7}}mm,\,\,{{10}^{-4}}\mu m.\]

1 Picometer \[(pm)={{10}^{-12}}m,\,{{10}^{-3}}nm\]

1 Femtometer \[(fm)={{10}^{-15}}m,\,{{10}^{-6}}nm\]

1 Attometer \[={{10}^{-18}}m,\,\,{{10}^{-9}}nm\]

Common unit of measurement in Microscopy and cytology is nanometer while unit of measurement of cell is micron.

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