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Dogs And Cats

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Dogs and cats are the closest pets of man. They are carnivores turned omnivores. They occurs wild in various parts of the world.

(1) Dogs : Dog was among the earliest animals domesticated by man. A large number of breeds have been produced by intensive inbreeding and artificial selection of a single ancestral dog species. These vary in form colour, size and fur. It has proved to be a faithful companion and guard of its master. The domestic dog, canis familiars, is found in almost all countries. It is useful in many ways.

(i) It can be trained to protect flocks (sheep or goat) and herds (cattle).

(ii) It is helpful in tracking and running down the game such as hare and fox.

(iii) It is a very useful animal for hunting.

(iv) Some breeds, which have sharp sense of smell and sight, are employed to trace the criminals drug peddlers and prowleres.

(v) It can lead the blind persons.

(vi) Eskimos use dogs to pull sledges (wheel less vehicles used over snow or ice).

(vii) Dog raising is a profitable business. Pedigree dogs fetch high return.

(viii) Dog is a symbol of loyalty.

(2) Cats : Cat (Felis domesticus) is a small, furry mammal. It has many breeds. It is domesticated to eradicated rats and mice. It is also a nice pet.

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