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Mule is the hybrid between male ass (jack) and female horse (mare). It has the stamina of ass and size of horse, but is sterile. Similarly, the cross between male horse (stallion) and female ass is called hinny.

Mules are known for their toughness.  Since they are sexually sterile, they have to be produce every time a new.

Feeding : They are fed mainly on green fodder, crushed grams and barley. They are also given salt.

Breeding : Indian army has imported male donkeys from Europe for breeding mules. Army uses two type of mules : (a) General service  type and (b) Mountain artillery type. The latter are firm footed and can carry heavy loads on steep terrain.

Common Disease of Equines : The horses, donkeys and mules suffer from many diseases. They include pink eye or influenza, strangles, tetanus, colic etc.

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