12th Class Biology Origin of Life Adaptation


Category : 12th Class

(1) Adaptation may be defined as any characteristic of an organisms which makes the organisms better suited to its environment.

(2) In other words, an adaptation improves the performance and survival of the organism in its the environment.

(3) Many adaptations are remarkable; they result from natural selection.

(4) Individuals with favourable characteristics replace those with less favourable characteristics.

(5) Adaptation improves the match between organisms and their environment.

(6) On the basis of their nature and role in evolution the adaptation are classified into short range or temporary and long range or permanent adaptation.


Differences between Short-range and Long-range adaptation


Short-range adaptations

Long-range adaptations


These are temporary changes.

These are permanent changes.


These are developed in response to temporary changes in the environment.

These are developed in response to permanent change in the environement.


These are not inheritable.

These are inheritable.

 Genetic material

DNA is not changed.

DNA is also changed.

 Role in evolution

No role in evolution.

Important role in evolution.

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