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Switching off the Computer

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*          Switching off the Computer   


After your work, you must SHUT DOWN the computer. 

*       To shut down the computer the following steps should be followed:  

1. Click Start button.          


2. When the start menu appears, click shut down. When the shut down box appears, click OK.                                                      


3. Switch OFF the Monitor.    


4. Switch OFF the CPU of the computer.    


5. Switch OFF the main power button.




UPS can support your computer to provide additional power supply for a while to your computer if the power goes off.

Use the computer carefully since it uses the electric power.  



  • Shut down = Switch OFF the computer.
  • Turn on = Switch ON the computer.    



  • Computer operates on electric energy.
  • You need to switch on the power plug and the computer ON/OFF switch to operate a computer.
  • You should use the shutdown option to switch off the computer.  



*      Abbreviations

UPS        -         Uninterrupted power supply  

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