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Introduction to Computer

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Introduction to Computer



A computer is a machine, which manipulates data according to a list of instructions. We use computers for so many things, like playing video games, solving mathematical problems, drawing pictures, watching movies, listening to music, using internet e-mailing, etc.


The device by which we type the letters, give commands to the computer is an input device called CPU (Central Processing Unit). A part of a computer performs its internal task and computers display information through output devices. Therefore, a computer has three basic parts, Input, CPU and Output.


Few important features of a computer are:


v  It is a machine.

v  It works on electricity.

v  It makes our work easier.

v  It is very fast as compared to human beings.

v  It is very accurate, it never make mistakes.

v  It never gets tired.

v  It has in-built memory where it can store a large number of data.



Drawbacks of a Computer


v  Computer has no feelings.

v  It cannot work on its own. It needs a person to work on it and to give instructions to it


What is a Machine?


v  A machine is a tool which makes our work easier.

v  It saves our time and energy.

v  Machines work faster than human beings.


Example of Machines are:

A television set is used for entertainment.

An iron is used to iron clothes.


 A car is used to for travelling.



A mobile is used for making phone calls.


Things to Remember

v  Machines work faster than human beings and are made by man.

v  Computer is a machine.

v  It is used to play games, to draw pictures, for calculation and also to play game?

v  A computer has three basic part, input, CPU and output.

Answer Me


1.            Tick ( √ ) the machines.





2.            Write (T) for True or (F) for False for the following statements.


1. Computer is very fast and accurate.

2. Computer works without electricity.

3. Computer makes work easy.

4. Computer never gets tired.

5. Computer always makes mistakes.

6. Computer has no storage.

7. Computer helps in playing games.

8. Computer is not a machine.



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