1st Class Computers Main Parts of Computer Keyboard


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*       Keyboard  


We use hands to eat, write letters and do many activities. In the same way, computer also needs a device to get information from us. The device through which a computer gets information is called keyboard. (See Figure 1.2.3)



  • The keyboard looks like a typewriter.
  • It has many buttons called keys.
  • By pressing the keys you can type any letter or number on the screen of your computer. (See Figure 1.2.4)  




*       Mouse      


Have you ever seen a mouse? The computer mouse is also a small device like a real mouse. (See Figure 1.2.5) The mouse of a computer has a power and data chord similar to a tail which looks like a real mouse. The computer mouse is used to move the pointer on the computer screen. It can also be used to select items and draw pictures on the computer. You can also play games using a. mouse.    


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