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Main Parts of Computer

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Main Parts of Computer



Like we human beings have our body parts to do different task, a computer also has parts to perform different tasks.


There are four main parts of a computer. They are:


1. Monitor

2. Mouse

3. CPU

4. Keyboard



v  A monitor looks like a TV Screen.

v  It displays pictures, text, movies etc on screen.

v  It is also called Visual Display Unit (VDU).

v  It displays information generated by computer.


v  Mouse of a computer is a pointing device which looks like a real mouse.

v  It has .two click buttons and one scroll wheel.

v  The movement of the cursor on the screen depends on the direction of rolling the mouse on the mouse pad.

v  An arrow-like figure that appears .on the monitor is called a mouse pointer.






v  CPU stands for Central Processing Unit.

v  It is the main unit of a computer for processing data.

v   It is also known as brain of computer.

v  CPU controls all the activities of computer.

v  CPU contains power ON button, disk drives, powers slot and many connectors.





v  Keyboard is used for data input.

v  It looks like a typewriter.

v  It has many keys including, 26 Alphabet keys, 9 numeric keys, 12 function keys, arrow keys, special keys, and so on.

v  It is used to type alphabets, numbers and symbols.





Some Additional parts of a computer



A printer is used for printing text and pictures from a computer on to paper.





A scanner scans or copies documents (text or pictures) and converts them into digital data.




Speakers help us to hear sound that comes from a computer.



Things to Remember


  • Monitor, Mouse, CPU and Keyboard are the four main parts of a computer.
  • Monitor displays information generated by the computer.
  • CPU is the brain of a computer.
  • Mouse is a pointing device.
  • Keyboard has keys which are used to type alphabets, numbers and symbols.
  • Printer copies data from the computer on a paper.
  • A scanner copies data from a paper into the computer.
  • Speaker help us to hear sound generated in compute.




Answer Me


1. Write the names of the images.


 2.  Tick ( √ ) the correct answer.


A.   It is used to type numbers, alphabets and symbols.



B.   It is known as the brain of a computer.




C.   It is used to display output.




D.   It is a pointing device used to select things.



        E. In the picture of the keyboard below, colour the letters that are in your name.




 3. Match the following:















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