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What Can Computer Do?

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What Can Computer Do?



Computer is a machine which can perform many functions to simplify the work of human beings. The use of computer in many fields is increasing continuously.


Uses of a computer


                  1.            It can help you in drawing and painting.




                  2.            A computer can play music.




                  3.            A computer helps you to type a document.




                  4.            A computer helps you to use the internet,




                   5.            You can play games using computer.




                   6.            Computer can be used to send e-mail.




                    7.            Computer helps you to watch movies.




Places where computers are in use

Computer is a useful machine in our life. Let us known the various places where computers are used.


In School

Teacher uses computer to educate and it allows the students to learn modern tools and technologies.




In Banks

Bank uses computer to store list of people and their accounts.




In Hospitals

Computers are used in hospitals to keep patients records, medical information land to perform various medical examination.




In Offices

Computer is an essential part of office management. Almost all offices use computer for common purpose such as sending e-mail and document creation.



At Railway Station and Airport

Computers are used to book tickets, to keep track of information such as the number of seats available and present status of a ticket etc. They are also used for maintaining status of flights and trains.




In the Mall

Computers are used in malls to keep a track of product inventory and also in billing and accounting section.



At Home

Computers are used to watch movies, listen to music, send e-mails and make school projects at home.




Things to Remember


v  Computers are used in banks, schools, Offices and Shopping malls etc.

v  Computers are also used in hospitals, at the railway station for booking tickets and keeping a track of flights and trains status.


Answer Me

                  1.            Tick  () for the area where computers are used.


Play music

Cook food

Send e-mail


Make Drawings

Watch Movie

Book ticket


Play Games

Solve Sum

Patient Records


                     2.            Match the following:


1. To keep record of money,        

(a) At the Airport/Railway Station

2. Book tickets                  

(b) In Hospitals

3. Maintaining employees record  

(c) Shops/Malls.

4. Making medical reports          

(d) In Office 

5.  In preparing bills                 

(e) The Bank




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