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Amazing facts

                The starting letter does not matter. What matters is the sound. For example in hour H sounds as a vowel sound so an is used before it.



                This lesson will help you to

  • Understand articles
  • Use articles like a, an, the in proper places.



                As you all know there are 26 alphabets in all. Out of these a, e, I, o, u are vowels and the rest are called consonants.

                A is used before the words that start with a

                Consonant sound. For example. A girl, a mouse, achair, a book, a pen, a bird.            


AN is used before words that start with vowels A, E, I, 0, U. For example. An apple. An orange. An egg, an umbrella. An elephant.      


An Apple             An orange           An egg                


An umbrella          An elephant                

A and An are used before things that are only one and not more than one. For example a lion, a car. An orange, an apple. A and A can never be used before things that cannot be counted. Like water, salt. Sugar.   


Things that cannot be counted do not have an article before them. But if we add some word like a glass of Milk. 'A' has been used as a glass is a countable thing. THE is used before some particular person or thing. For Example. The Qutub Minar, The Moon, The sun or the Himalayas. The is also used before the names of rivers .seas, oceans, mountains, holy books. Newspapers. A and An tell us about any person or thing. The tells us about a particular person or thing.

For Example. A copy (any copy). Please bring a pen or an apple. The house that we stay in. (particular house) the vase is next to the chair.


                Words that do not have a vowel sound but start with a vowel do not use ‘an’ before them for example one. Here ‘o’ sounds as ‘w’ so we do not use an before one. Or university, here ‘u’ sounds as ‘y’ so we do not use an before it.


                What is important is the sound of the word and not the spelling.


Real life examples

Remember no article is used before a proper noun. For example, Delhi is a beautiful city. Akbar was a great king.



 The qutabminar                the moon             



  The sun                                   The Himalayas

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