1st Class English Jumbled Words and Sentences Jumbled words

Jumbled words

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Amazing facts

  • Remember

To unscramble a word correctly you must use only the words given and or miss out any word. Otherwise the answer would be wrong.  

Learning objectives

This lesson will help you to. ·        

  • put Words in correct order ·        
  • make meaningful words ·        
  • make meaningful sentences. ·        
  • increase vocabulary. ·       
  • gain confidence about the language.



Quick concept review

All sentences are a collection of words. But the words have to be put in correct order to make meaningful sentences. For Example: Go, 1, Market, the, too. Does it make it any sense? No. The words have to be written in correct order to make a meaning. Unscrambling jumbled words is an important part of any language. It is not at all difficult to do so you have to keep working on the letters to form a meaningful word. The same goes for sentences where you have put words in correct order to make a meaningful sentence. It is only about rearranging the words to form meaningful sentences with correct structure.  

Look at the following pictures and try find out what they are.


Pucomter - It does not have any meaning. Does it? Now let?s try to arrange the words in order The answer would come out to be Computer, Computer is something you all know. You can make1out from the picture too!.



Etn-what is an Etn? Nothing! But looking at the Picture we can try to write a meaningful word Net.


Puc - What is this? A puc? What is a puc? What does the picture say? The picture makes it clear that it's a cup.       


Amazing facts

  • It does not matter in what order the letters are written if only the first and the last letter are Witten in correct order. For example. This school is very huge.  

Suggested activity 

  • You can make flash cards of words of a sentence, shuffle them and try to put them in order. You can write as many words as you can and you will realize that you come out with a different story.

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