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Real life example

Look around. You will see that everything has a name. The moment you think of an apple the word fruit comes to your mind. If you talk of a doctor, a picture of someone who gives you medicine when you fall sick comes to your mind.



This lesson will help you to

  • Understand that everything around you has a word for it.
  • Understand that a noun is a person, place or thing.
  • Use different types of noun.



A noun is a naming word that we use to name a person place or thing. For example:




Common Noun- Common nouns are common words used for any person, place or thing. For example-A girl is playing. Here we have used the word girlinstead of telling her name. She can be any girl. Other example-A flower, fruit, animal, or bird.


Proper Noun: Proper Nouns are nouns that we use in place of common noun here we use particular names instead of general words.

For Example. In the above pictures we have used common words to name different things. But when we use proper nouns we use particular names. Let us see below



Everything around us has a name. If things did not   have names, then it would have been difficult for us to tell the other person about what we want or about whom we are talking about. To make it easy for us to tell others about things around us we have naming words. For Example, the moment you speak   the word Doctor, an image of a person who takes care of you and gives you medicine comes into. Your mind. Same goes for other things or people. When someone tells you about Mahatma Gandhi, his picture comes to your mind. So everything must have a name be it a person, place, animal or thing. Sometimes we need to tell exactly what we are talking of. For example when you ask someone -,

Where did you go?"

And that person answers,

'A place?"     

Does that answer satisfy you? No. You want to know which place. So we have to tell proper names. They are called Proper nouns.



Let’s play a guesting game, all you need to do is think of an object. For example a chair. Give hints like it has four legs but cannot walk. Let your friend guess the word! You can play this game with as many friend as you have. The person who guessed the maximum number of words is the winner.



A proper noun always starts with a capital letter. For example when you write the name of a person, place or an animal, the first letter will be in capital. For example, jumbo, or ram.

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